Sunday, May 30, 2004

Dance Excuses

I run a free Women's only Israeli Dance Group (Beginners and "Regulars") on Sunday nights.

Tonight for some reason, a grand total of 3 people (including myself) turned up. This is down from the group of 9 that turned up last week. My theory is that the low turn out had something to do with the rather heavy rain that we have been experiencing.

This has inspired me to list some of the creative (and not so creative) excuses that my ladies have come up with for not coming to dance class.

  • I could not find the place
  • My best friend went into labour and I had to watch her kids while she went off to hospital
  • My son's car got towed and I had to help him retrieve it
  • It is my birthday and all my relatives are coming round to help celebrate
  • I forgot it was on this week
  • I ran a marathon in the morning and was too tired to come dancing
  • I have a virus and standing up makes me dizzy
  • I hurt my back and can't dance
  • I broke / sprained my ankle and can't dance
  • I wrecked my knees and can't dance
  • I am going to Australia for the weekend
  • I am going back home to South Africa for a couple of months
  • My husband plays squash on Sunday nights so I have to stay home to watch the kids
  • I have a University assignment due on Monday
  • Not tonight, I have a headache

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