Thursday, June 17, 2004

Dzeni's Theory

I have always wanted to have a Theory / Law named after me so here it is. Dzeni's Theory states that "People are idiots". It was originally longer stating that "Most people are idiots most of the time. The only people who are not idiots most of the time are crazy. There are basically no normal people left and the whole world is going to hell in a hand basket". The latter version was too long and hard to remember (not to mention controversial / potentially offensive) so it got ditched for the shorter version. Below is the evidence found to support this theory.

  • The cleaners unplugged a vital part of our computer system at school last night.
  • We spent the better part of an hour trying to fix the problem before someone noticed that the system was not all plugged in.
  • The NZ government "legalises" prostitution because the law does not match what is happening.
  • This same government refuses to adjust the speed limits (which are unrealistically low) so that they make ordinary motorists into criminals and use them as "cash cows" by ticketing them for going "too fast".
  • The Labour Party hassles the National Party when the National Party say they will consult with the US to resolve this Nuclear Free issue that we are having before asking the people what they think. Nobody points out that if the US does not agree to proposed changes, it is pointless to have a referedum cause said changes won't actually make a difference.
  • Most people will fall for the rubbish spouted by Labour instead of thinking the issue through.
  • People keep doing stupid things around me and then blaming other people for their mistakes.

Dzeni's theory coexists happily with by Erica's Theory which states "I am surrounded by Idiots". It is my hope that these theories may someday find enough support to become laws. Perhaps someday, they will be as accepted as Murphy's Law. With things going as they are, that day is probably not too far off.

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TotalChaos said...

Ahhhh, haaaaa. so true, so true.