Thursday, June 24, 2004

What They Really Mean

Have noticed that we spend a lot of time saying one thing and meaning something *slightly* different. Thought it would be amusing to write down some of my favourites

What They Say What They Mean
I did not have sexual relations with that woman! We went at it like rabbits.
A bit of weather (often heard in NZ). Torrential rain and gale force winds.
Shows initiative (in Student reports). He is cheating but I can't prove it.
A nice area. An expensive area.
A do-up. Its falling down.
A country cottage. A shack in the middle of no where which probably leaks.
A country cottage in need of some tender loving care. A shack in the middle of no where that leaks like a sieve.
A renovator's dream. It needs to be torn down and totally rebuilt.
Stunning views. It costs an absolute fortune (aka: an arm and a leg).
You might feel some discomfort. This is going to hurt - a lot!
Refreshingly honest. Screwed up, got caught and is now forced to tell the truth.


eM said...

Hi! I visited your blog archives and really liked what I saw.. keep posting!
You have now been bookmarked :)

Anonymous said...

Me too, I have seen this blog for a while now and love it.