Thursday, October 14, 2004

Good Fractals are Hard to Find

Have absolutely nothing to write about. Thought I would post a fractal instead. It is called "Infinity Circle" (if you look real hard, you can see the infinity symbol inside the circle). Thought it was quite pretty.

infinity circle fractal


Aly said...

This picture is beautiful!!! I am creating a website for a friend who does reiki and massage and she liked this photo. Would it be okay with you if we incorporate it somehow into the design of the page. Do you have a larger version of this?
Aly Noland

Dzeni said...

Hi Aly,

Thanks for your kind words. If you email me directly, then I'll try and send you something larger (let me know the size you'd like when you make contact). It might not be the exact same image but it will be very similar. I'm thrilled that your friend likes this image and you are welcome to use it on the website you are designing. A link back to this blog would be appreciated.