Sunday, October 03, 2004

Why Blog ?

A couple of days ago, my brother called me on the phone and asked me why I blogged. Instead of explaining it to him, decided to blog my response.

  • I am lonely
  • It beats being bored
  • When stuff irritates me, I know that I can at least blog about it and get it off my chest
  • Everyone else seems to be doing it
  • It seemed like a good idea at the time
  • Its free
  • Its easy

One of the most attractive things about having a blog is that totally random people can read (and comment) on it. It is like the modern day equivalent of a message in a bottle thrown out to sea. Something oddly sad / romantic in there. It reminds me that I am not all alone out here.

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Oliviah said...

This post reminded me of a song Dave Matthews did with the Blue Man Group called "Sing Along". The video they did with it was great, it portrayed a sense of aloneness and a wistful yearning toward others in the world out there. I posted the song on my blog. (Sound quality didn't turn out very good though.) I wish I could have posted the video, it is really good. They used to have it on the official Blue Man Group website along with a couple other songs from the cd "The Complex", not sure if it is still there.(Oh, and fractally speaking, a funny thing about the BMG is they have a video that flashes a mandlebrot across the screen 3 quick I wasn't sure it was what I was actually seeing til I replayed it several times.) Anyways, reading your blog made me think of the song "Sing Along" and how it seemed like a "message in a bottle" itself. Cool thing about these blogs is that sometimes we actually find people who can "sing along" in one way or another.