Saturday, November 27, 2004

No Worries

Realised that it has been over a week since the last update and those flowers are getting old.

Had a job interview on Thursday afternoon for a teaching post. It was weird. Six people on the panel doing the interview plus one interpreter (the job is at Deaf school). Seems like a lot to me. Told them what I can do, what I can't do and that if the job involves a lot of English / Social Studies stuff, then they need to find someone who is better at teaching those subjects. Had to remind them that I am a Maths / Science person.

Telling them to "keep looking" for a better person for the job felt a bit (OK a lot) like shooting myself in the foot. That was probably the strangest job interview ever. They must think I am the wrong side of crazy after I told them that I may not be suited to the position. Wonder if that happens a lot. Still am not stressed about next year. If I don't get full time work, will just continue subbing / tutoring. No worries.

On the theme of "no worries", why not another fractal to celebrate the fact that I don't need to worry about finding work for next year? Hope you like it. Just wish I knew what it was.

blue green square spiky fractal


mijzelf said...

Hi Dzeni,
Read your blog. Well, at least you were showing confidence in your own skills. you do not need to be worried. I bet they liked you and perhaps if this is not the job for you, they will remember you when the right job comes up.
About your fractal: I think it looks like a woman wearing a bathing suit, with a diamond on the tummy area.

Fractal Rock said...

Oh this one is too beautiful for words. :)