Thursday, December 30, 2004

Neon Sunflower

It's overcast outside (again). Looks like rain (again). Where is summer?

Good thing my Neon Sunflower does not actually need the sun!

For those of you in the Northern Hemisphere, it really is supposed to be summer over here.

Neon Sunflower Fractal


mijzelf said...

MMMMMMM, wanted to post a comment on your neon sunflower!
Well never mind. Will go to that blog and try again. Just in case I never get there,,,,, fantastic Sunflower!!! Wanna come over for lunch on Tuesday and teach John and me how to do this?
Mijzelf (M.C.)
Oh, scrolled down. I am in the right spot.

Dzeni said...

This is a random comment to see why I can't view the other comment that is theoretically on here.

Dzeni said...

Seen as I'm mucking around with comments, someone asked if it was possible to hyperlink comments. Let's see if the above worked :)