Thursday, January 13, 2005

Madam Butterfly

Summer is finally here. The weather has turned glorious which means that the Monarch butterflies are doing their thing. As we have several swan plants in the garden, I decided to document the cycle by taking photographs of each stage.

I was aiming for the caterpillar in the top part of the photo below when the butterfly landed right behind it and laid an egg. Point and click! Thankfully the photo came out crisp and clear.

My camera is quite a basic model with an auto-focus feature. This means that often the subject of my photo ends up blurred with the background in perfect focus. This blurred problem only becomes apparent when looking at the photo in my graphics software. To compensate for possible blurring, I usually take several photos of a given subject with the camera held at various distances from the subject, in the hope that at least some of the shots will be nice and clear. The butterfly came and went so fast, that there was only time for one shot. How lucky is that!

Monarch Butterfly Laying Eggs


mijzelf said...

Well, this one is quite perfect!! What a beautiful photo. You are quite good at that you know.
By the way, glad you liked the koru. I have no idea how I did that. In fact, no idea how I did all of them. Must write down what I do, to help me remember.

mijzelf said...

Hi Dzeni,
I had posted a comment on this blog and photo. I don't understand why it has not appeared. Never mind. Your photo is quite stunning. You are very good at this.