Saturday, February 26, 2005

Beautiful Noise

It is now late summer and the weather is beautiful. The days are gorgeous and warm but I think the last of the humidity has passed. Life is good. The cicadas are in full song at the moment. Went for a walk today and could hear them most of the time. The trees and wooden fences in my area are littered with the casings that they leave when they moult.

Below, in all its glory, is an adult cicada. I think they are beautiful. Not everyone agrees!


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Anonymous said...

i think they sound cool also. but only when there is 1 or 2. then it gets kinda anoying. i think they look cool too kinda like little robots. the little things swarmed here 2 years ago makeing it easy to get alittle tired of them for a cupple of months though.

lol I miss them now.