Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Everyday Miracle II

The Monarch's are beginning to emerge from their chrysalis, so being insanely determined to capture the process, I "camped out" yesterday alongside one of the "shrink wrapped butterflies" and waited. The wait was rewarded and the pictures below are the result.

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Green chrysalis Dark green chrysalis Black chrysalis Coming Out
Coming Out Coming Out Coming Out Coming Out
Coming Out Coming Out Coming Out Coming Out
Almost Done Almost Done Almost Done
Drying Wings Drying Wings

1 comment:

Saleena Ki said...

Aloha, Thank you for such a beautiful display! I love seeing this birthing process as it unfolds through your eyes... I have waited for such a moment and missed it... wow... made my day... and a beautiful day it has been. This is the best series of butterfly emergence photos I have ever seen!

Love your fractal experiments too... I was looking for a fractal that reminded me of something I had seen and found your blog... can't tell if you are still writing... this is 2005 post.... if you ever get this, check out my website to see how I express myself... I would love to have permission to use the butterfly series on a new website that will be coming out soon... for transformational art... it is all about art used to transform us and the main theme that runs through it will be this story... this alchemical process of the butterfly...