Monday, March 28, 2005

Creative Indecision

It is one of "those days" again. Too much time, not enough to do. With a five day break, the situation was inevitable. Created the stuff below.

Couldn't decide on the colour scheme. No great surprise there.

Pink Blue Version Solid Version
Solid Version (again) Silver GoldVersion

So far the day has gone something like this

  • Mow lawn
  • Do laundry
  • Muck around on computer

My entry into the Chaoscope Monthly competition now has one vote. Am not sure if "pity" votes count but one is certainly better than zero.


dotbar said...

Hey that gold/silver spirally one looks pretty nice! Thanks for the comment of my blog. I'm here to return the favour! So how do you pronounce your name anyways? D-z-e-n-i ...

Fractal Rock said...

I voted for your Infinite Pretzel just now and it wasn't a pity vote, either! I sincerely think your pretzel is the best one on there. :)

Oliviah said...

What fractalware did you use to create these? I enjoy the shadow casting effect. And the crispness. And how did you post 4 images at one time? I'd like to do that with some of mine that I can't decide which coloration or variation I like best. So much to learn....