Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Moon Fern

Lets just say that as a friend noted yesterday I am "bored out of my tree". Which means more mucking around on the computer.

moon fern

The above was created with Tierazon which makes a nice change from random attractors. Going back to Tierazon was like visiting an old friend. Very satisfying.

Am looking forward to going back to work (ie: school) tomorrow. Have two private students in the afternoon followed by Israeli dance class. Suffice it to say dance class is the hightlight of my week.


Fractal Rock said...

The Moon Fern is stunning! I hope you have fun in dance class tomorrow.

Tracy said...

Very nice! It reminds me of spiral algae under the microscope :)

Pasach said...

Being "bored out of your tree" is a lot better when you are being paid for it. Have fun at school (ie: work).