Saturday, March 05, 2005

Sliced Squashed Sphere

What a week! Can't believe how fast it has flown.

Big news is that I walked into the office yesterday to do my day reliever thing and got offered a job. It is not yet official but is looking very promising. I am just waiting for the paperwork to come through.

In the meantime, thought my loyal fans might appreciate the image below.

Sliced Squashed Sphere


Noone, noone at all. said...


Tracy said...

Very cool!

I'm also quite impressed with "Noone's" thoughtful comment. What a class act!

Keep 'em coming Dzeni :) There are people whom appreciate your fine work :)

Dzeni said...

Thanks for the encouragement Tracy :) I guess Noone is just not one of my loyal fans.

Dzeni said...

Blogger is playing up again. DaveP commented as follows (but blogger did not publish it properly)

Hi,very interested in the math behind this squashed sphere shape. Its just what I'm looking for. I've been playing with oblate spheroids but they are symmetric top/bottom. I like this shape as it is flatter at the bottom and more pointy at top, well thats what it looks like and thats what I'm after. Go easy - my math is limited ! Thanks, Dave. PS Awesome stuff here, I've bookmarked it for further browsing later.


So DaveP, firstly, thanks for your kind words. In answer to your question, this is a chaoscope fractal that I created a very long time ago. I wish I could remember how it was done - I think I used the Lorenz-84 option but am not 100% sure. Chaoscope is free and minimal mathematics is required to get it to create images. Have fun :)