Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Weird Tomato

I have a rare day off and thought I would share a photo of one of our home grown tomatos. The tomato in the picture is a cherry tomato and we will be keeping it and growing the seeds next season to see what happens.

Weird Tomato

I have never seen a tomato that looks quite so strange. I assume that it tastes normal but as we are saving the seeds, I can't be 100% certain.

If you are going to comment, please spare me the R-rated tomato jokes as I have probably heard them all by now.


NooneAtAll said...

Under what circumstances have you been made aware of all the R-rated tomato jokes?

Tracy said...


Anonymous said...

we have a similar one, but it has an extra nobby thing on it. Did you plant the seeds? Did anything interesting happen?

Dzeni said...

Thanks for your comment. I don't know if the seeds got planted. They probably did. Needless to say no more "interesting" tomatoes have been spotted around here and its been quite a while.