Monday, April 25, 2005

ANZAC Day - Mostly Fine

Walk on Water

Today was ANZAC day and the weather forecast said "Mostly Fine".

That was an adequate description of both the day today and the weather.

Spent most of today reading 'Walk on Water' and am finding it very very good.

Convinced my dad that it was a good idea to go for a walk at around 3.00pm. The plan was to hike down to the local library and take photos of the cenotaph there in honour of ANZAC day. Managed to get some pretty good photos (see below). At this point the weather was great. The sun was shining, the sky was blue and there was just a slight nip in the air.

Birkenhead Cenotaph

Dad and I stopped in to the shop on the way home and as we are going down the cheese aisle, dad's cell phone rang. It was my mom asking if we needed a lift home as it was raining!! We did not actually believe her and said we would call back if we needed a ride.

Walked out of the shop and not only was it pouring with rain, the wind had "come up" and it was FREEZING!! Needless to say, my mom came and picked us up as there was no way we were walking home in that freezing mess.

Got home and three minutes later it was fine again. Just like the weather guy said. Gotta love this Auckland weather.

Was pleased to see that Google noticed it was ANZAC day too. Thought a game of "Spot the Difference" might be in order here. So below are two versions of the Google Logo. You get to spot the difference.

Google Logo #1 Google Logo #2

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The stars on the flag!!! :)