Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Pink is not Pretty

For someone who does not like pink, am not doing very well. Somehow over the course of the last few months have accumulated all this stuff that is pink.

At first it was just a folder cause it was bright and impossible to lose. Then it was a ball point pen for the same reason. After that things just snow balled out of control.

My Pink Stuff

I really don't like pink. Mercifully, this catastrophe has not spread as far as my wardrobe.


Stacey Whaley said...

Heh! I don't like pink, either!

Pasach said...

I fill the same way about green, unless it is a plant! So if I find any pink plants I will send them your way, ok.

Isn't it relentless how things start accumulating on you? A person gave me some dishrags with a picture of a lighthouse on it and now I have dishes and cups with lighthouses on them. Thankfully they are not green nor pink!

Oliviah said...

I have a horrid collection of violent pink fractals I made when I first got started making them in Fractal Explorer. I had so much trouble getting certain colorings that when I found a bright hideous pink I went wild with it (though it made me somewhat nauseated!) I haven't quite been able to bring myself to delete them because of how much work it took to get pink at all at the time (ignorance of how to use coloring is NOT bliss). I ought to post one of these dreadful things out of the humor of it but ugh...