Friday, May 20, 2005

Desert Dreaming

Not sure if I even like the image below. It is more "interesting" than "beautiful". It is called "Desert Dreaming" because of the earth tones.

Desert Dreaming - Made with Apophysis

Never mind. At least it is Friday afternoon in my part of the world which means I actually managed to make it through a week that has been hellishly long.


mijzelf said...

Hi Dzeni,
You are right, it is interesting. In fact it draws you in, there is a lot to see. I actually find it almost "comtemplative"

Oliviah said...

This is so dimensional. It is definitely compelling. Seems like these images are little "worlds" of their own, drawing people in with their very own imagination.

keri said...

wow! there is so much depth to this 1, they r all beautiful,