Monday, May 09, 2005

One Triquetra, Coming Right Up!

Tracy requested a fractal based on a triquetra, so here it is.

Triquetra Fractal

For more information about this symbol, take a look at this page.


Tracy said...

I love it! So elegant, and the colors go well with the theme. And you were successful in making me blush with this post as well! Zoinks!

Anonymous said...

My Mother, sister and I all got matching tattoos based on this image. Obviously we think it's beautiful!

Dzeni said...

That is really cool! I never thought of using fractals as a base for tattoos.

Mesirii@MG said...

Do you allow the usage of your fractal images for printing e.g. a poster?
Could you provide the Triquetra in a higher resolution?

Thanks Michael

Dzeni said...

Hi Michael,

I've good news and bad news. The bad news is that this particular image is not available at higher resolution. It is rather old and I no longer have the params to render a large version (slaps head)! The good news is that most of my images are available for sale over at Shutterstock. If you would like me to try and make you another Triquetera, please contact me directly and we can talk.

Hope this helps. Dzeni :)