Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Toned-Up Tuesday

The Monochrome Festival continues with another colourless post. According to artists, black, white and grey are not colours, they are tones. I remember this being rammed home in an art class where I was supporting Deaf students. It cam as a surprise to me as I had always thought they were colours. Turns out in art, they are not.

Monochrome Five Star - Created with Apophysis

Winter has certainly arrived here in Auckland. It is raining, cold and miserable at the moment. Perfect weather for curling up somewhere with a good book to read. Only downside to this kind of weather is that getting out of bed at 0600 is not, repeat not fun.

My dad keeps asking "Why are we doing this", to which the response is "We get paid!". Its quite crazy when you think about it.


Pasach said...

I have an office full of people that have been asking that question every morning. So far the answer stays the same.

Tracy said...

I dig the monochrome, especially with this seemingly organic flowery one.