Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Yom Hazikaron / Yom Ha'atzmaut

The title above refers to two special days in the Jewish calendar, so I have posted two fractals to commemorate events.

Yom Hazikaron (Literally Day of Rememberance) is when Israel remembers her fallen soliders.

This is immediately followed by Yom Ha'atzmaut (which started at sunset this evening). Yom Ha'atzmaut is Israel's indepedance day and it is an occasion of massive celebration.

Yom Hazikaron / Yom Ha'atzmaut Fractals

The centers of both of these fractals contain the star of David.


Stacey Whaley said...

You are quite the wiz kid on these fractals. The Star of David designs are just beautiful. Happy Yom Ha'atzmaut.

Tracy said...

You have a great way with commemoration!

Oliviah said...

Both of these are beautiful...such smooth flowing lines. The color contrasts are so tasteful and elegant...I particulary like the green and white. I like the way you share their significance, it adds even more to their beauty.