Thursday, May 19, 2005


Am totally shattered* at the moment. My mom has noted that after going "all out" at dance class on Wednesday nights, I tend to walk around like a zombie until the weekend when the batteries get recharged.

* Shattered is kiwi speak for utterly exhausted.

Ghost Flowers

Today's fractal is called "Ghost Flowers" as the flowers don't look like they are 100% with it. They mirror the way I currently feel. Am just not "all here" at the moment.


mijzelf said...

You know what? They are not quite as zombified if you look closely. Ghosty yes, a bit. But pulsating as well with moments of aliveness and alertness. Beware, they may catch out any viewer......
Fantastic Dzeni!

Fractal Rock said...

Another creation of yours that I'm totally in awe of. These are definitely unique.

Tracy said...

I know how you feel. For me it's Thursdays. And then on Fridays I actually shut my office door so that I can catch up on my work with no one disturbing me (and so I can relax and crank up the tunes!)

Speaking of dancing, I'm trying to learn salsa, but my brain doesn't seem to be able to tell my legs what to do :|