Wednesday, August 03, 2005

What's Wrong with this Picture??

The stamp in the image below was on a piece of mail that we received today. So what is wrong with the picture?? Feel free to comment if you spot it!

Lets just say that right now I am not very impressed with New Zealand Post.


Soccer Dad said...

There are three kinds of people in the world, those who are good at math(s) and those who aren't.

Stacey Whaley said...

Now THAT is hilarious. LOL

Walt said...

It must be that "New Math" that is confusing people. lol :)

Unknown said...

Obviously a time machine was used.

1. Live through the 50 years

2. Go back to buy some stamps

3. Go forward again to sell the stamps.

Ergo 150 years.

Pasach said...

Maybe they ment 150 stamps per year, sence most people are using email now. lol

Anonymous said...

real stamp date: 2005
pictured stamp date: 1931
first stamp date: not 1905
last stamp date: not 1955

error on both dates or period missing? (period: 1905:1955)