Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Triple Love

A good graphic is a terrible thing to waste. Have spent the entire day learning more about POV. Having said that, I still have some Apophysis graphics. Below is one that was made a while ago. Good thing that these graphics don't have a "best before" date.

Triple Love

I am very grateful that there is so much cool free stuff on the internet. Am especially thankful for programs like Apophysis and POV-Ray which are well documented and totally free.


Fractal Rock said...

This one has so many nice elements! The color is a perfect choice. The "mist" around the hearts looks so nice and thick. Great job!

Trée said...

Dzeni, I love the golden color that bespeaks the value of love. Almost looks like the main heart is sending it's love out, giving freely and I see an endless supply, like a machine producing bubbles, of love coming from this heart. Also love the way the loving hearts appear to waif through the air. Something very sensual about the movement of the upper two hearts. If you can't tell, I really like this one. Glad you pulled it off the bench-lol.

muse said...

I'm not so talented.