Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Blue Labyrinth

Originally created to thank Emrys who was extremely kind and sponsored me a Pro Flickr account. Suffice it to say, blue is his favourite colour.

Blue Labyrinth

Today's Gratitude Item: The fact that I have a book which explains how to find square roots without using a calculator. Its relatively easy compared with some other methods out there. This is a good thing because the private student I tutored yesterday asked how to do this and now I can show her.


mijzelf said...

Beautiful fractal. Love the colour!!
Square roots, that's one of my problems too. Can you tutor me in that? Please? I used to know how to calculate them longhand, but that's in the dim past. :) And if it weren't for the dancing, my brain would be totally not functioning. (Ahem, totally over the top statement of course.)

Trée said...

Wonderful monochrome. As usual, excellent cropping of the image. The 3D look is very impressive. And the frame fits perfectly.

TotalChaos said...

That's beautiful, Dzeni. Keep up the great work.

Barry said...

Hi Dzeni,
I am a huge Fractal / Apophysis fan and I have to say you have some of the most incredible work I have ever seen! I am a graphic designer in the US (Florida) and have been using Apophysis for quite a while but my results are from these. I especially have trouble getting the solid 3D look that many of yours have.

I would love to know what settings you are using and how much post production Photoshop work you are doing. I would really appreciate you contacting me at my website (see my profile). Thanks and have a great day.