Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Christmas Shell

The graphic below was named for the fact that it was created on Christmas day 2005.

Christmas Shell

Today's Gratitude Item: Jdates gone wrong is today's item. It is a great little blog that helped me to get some perspective on the whole dating (or in my case lack thereof) thing. Its probably not a good thing to take pleasure in other people's misfortune but some of the stories on there were quite amusing and it reminded me that there are worse things than being single and dateless.


Trée said...

Now this one has an incredible 3D look. Very nice work indeed Jenni.

TotalChaos said...

Stunning work, I really like this.

Linny said...

this is beautiful...as for finding happiness in "Couple Misery"...you are a blogger after my own heart.