Thursday, January 12, 2006

Dance Floor

Creating this one involved using the tiling script, zooming in and then waiting. Now all I need is partner to dance with. Any volunteers??

Dance Floor

Today's Gratitude Item: Coffee with a friend at Mission Bay. It was a wonderful, relaxing afteroon :)


Oliviah said...

Now that is the perfect title for this image. Very nice. I was working with the tiling scripts till I got so obsessively fixated on trying to diffuse the light in them (arrgh!) that I have sort of spoiled my own pleasure in using these scripts. It is VERY nice to see somebody ELSES tiling work! :)

TotalChaos said...

Now that's something I didn't know about. I'll have to go find it. I did a beautiful fractal last night, 3x zoom, 4.03.02 hours worth, and when I closed the program the computer shut down and restarted, but crashed. AAAARRRRGGGGG!!!!
This is beautiful.

Pasach said...

If it is Israeli dancing I'm game, would have to think twice if it is any other type though.

This makes me think of raindrops hitting a pool of water. :)

Mike said...

You make such beautiful things... I would dance with you!