Friday, March 03, 2006

Amazing If

Dedicated to Rudyard Kipling.

Amazing If

Detail best appreciated in large version.

Today's Gratitude Item: I got to go back to the same school I worked at yesterday and teach Maths (rather than Science). This is a wonderful thing as I would have had to visit the school in question again today as I inadvertantly "kidnapped" the spare key for one of the blocks and needed to return it.


TotalChaos said...

I have heard of the poem before, but never read it. Thank you for linking it. Very nice out of frame, and fractal.

Trée said...

Perhaps my fave poem of all. Glad to see others like it too. Interesting framing on this one. Not sure how I would interpret but it does make me think.

Pasach said...

I read the poem and liked it.

That was a good idea; taking the spare key and holding it for ransom to get another day of work out of them. Hehe