Thursday, March 23, 2006

Blue Moon

Once in a blue moon, Apo generates fractals like this. Of course much "tweaking" was needed to get this image.

Perhaps I should have called it "Too Blue".

Blue Moon

Full detail can be enjoyed by viewing the large version.

Today's Gratitude Item: My student got an "excellence" on her geometry assessment after our tutoring session on the subject. She emailed me the good news. "Excellence" is the highest grade that you can get and even though it was only a practice test, we are both really pleased about it.


Trée said...

Jenni, your Apophysis work never ceases to amaze me. If I hadn't worked with the program myself I wouldn't appreciate just how much time, skill or luck it takes to get the sort of images you post almost everyday. I give this one a grade of Excellence. :-)

TotalChaos said...

"Too Blue?", I don't think so. Tweaking?, takes a long time? Don't you know, most people consider this, a push, pull, click, click, done thing? They really don't know the time involved and the question, which way shall I go with this. I know you put much more time into it than I do. That's why you come up with Works of ART.