Friday, May 26, 2006

"How to Control a Physcotic Class"

Today's post is very different form the usual offering. When I arrived at school this morning, there was a piece of paper on my desk with instructions from one of the students in my most difficult class offering some advice. Below, complete with teenage spelling / grammar is what it said.

How to Control a Physcotic Class

  1. Be Forceful. And do your threats. Give 1 warning
  2. Don't start talking /teaching until everyone is quiet.
  3. Keep eye contact with everybody.
  4. Don't make anyone start talking, if 1 student starts talking everyone else does to.
  5. Don't take answers from anyone who doesn't put their hand up.
  6. Be funny Eg. Make jokes in the lesson.
  7. Always look happy, unless you are telling someone off.
  8. Don't show your anger. (Makes everyone laugh)
  9. Make everyone sit in proper posture
  10. Can sit with friends and can talk, but only after leson. Tell everyone, that if they are good they get all the spare time for talking after the lesson.
  11. Have music after lesson (Rock & Rap) (gag) ie: joking
  12. Best Student Chart. Best students of the day get a sticker in the Chart. The student with teh most stars by the end of the month gets chocolate.

(You're just to nice to us
Give us discipline)

I am pleased that this student gave me the feedback and will of course try and incorporate *most* of her suggestions. It was interesting to see things from her point of view.

Today's Gratitude Item: That one of my students was confident enough to give me written feedback. It was thought provoking, funny and great blog material.


Trée said...

Very interesting feedback from a very switched-on child. Have a great weekend Jenni and Give them Discipline! :-)

Oliviah said...

How interesting that was. Are you going to incorporate the chocolate reward? lol