Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Saphire Sensation

"Feeling Blue" does not have to be a bad thing!

Best enjoyed in large size.

Saphire Sensation

Today's Gratitude Item: My "horrible" 8th grade class were great today. I could not belive that this was the same class which had me tearing my hair out yesterday. Am hopeful that the improvement will continue. The only problem is that these kids have zero bladder control! They keep on asking to "go", to which I keep saying "no". I figure if a kid has to ask to go, then they don't need to go that badly. If its an emergency, I assume they will simply make a run for it and ask forgiveness later.

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Evydense said...

I LOVE your logic on the bathroom breaks....a PERFECT example of 'is' (my little theory {smile}) in action.