Thursday, June 15, 2006

Made in NZ

Ferns are a New Zealand thing, hence the title.

Today's Gratitude Item: The super water resistant jacket that my mom brought back from the States for me. It is a gorgeous light blue and has a hood that does a great job of keeping the rain off. Said jacket is a billion times better than an umbrella as it is actually effective in windy conditions. Being warm and dry is not something to be taken for granted.


Phil said...

That is absolutely gorgeous. I love that. Go ahead and make the calendar. I'll buy it, shipping and handling and all.

Evydense said...

Now just a minute! I feel I must take exception with you {smile} when you say ferns are a New Zealand thing. We get 'em too, and fiddleheads (the tender curved plant before it fully opens out) make a delicious vegetable (sort of a tender and tasteful spinach-like veggie...we serve it to queens and heads of state when they come to visit us canucks!)

BTW, it's really cool the way you incorporated the design into your signature symbol too. It's always such a beautiful design you come up with.

goatman said...

Arent fractals wonderful? Some say they represent the basis for natural formations such as mountains, leaves, cell growth, etc. I don't doubt.
Avagodro's number is it? Seems you have taken some chemistry in the past.
I utilized the blue hue you suggested for my background, thanks again.