Saturday, June 24, 2006


A fitting entry to the final day of "Monochrome Fest".

When the sun sets, and colour fades from the world, the Shadowplex remains.


The super large version is at the preceding link.

Today's Gratitude Item: Clear skies and the time to enjoy them. Not using a computer during Shabbat used to be quite hard for me, but now it is routine and it is something that I really enjoy. It means a day of enforced relaxation with no one expecting you do update web pages, answer email or do anything computer related because they know what the answer will be. What can I say but thank G-d for Shabbat!


mijzelf said...

Hi Dzeni,
Yes, Shabbath can be as good as a long holiday, just because of the "enforced" rest. G-d knows what is good for people!
Love your last contribution to monochrome fest. :)

Phil said...

As always, your fractal pictures are beautiful.

Linny said...

What is Shabbat? Is it a religous day?

TotalChaos said...

Absolutely stunning, and at that size, must have been a few hours of rendering.