Monday, August 07, 2006

Cosmic Sunflower

This is what my "bright ideas" look like :)

Cosmic Sunflower

The large image can be enjoyed at the preceding link.

Today's Gratitude Item: Being safe on the road. I was one car behind a "fender bender" coming home from school today. Am grateful that my car was not the one to be "hit". The accident was not serious in that no one was physically injured. The one car looked significantly worse for wear though.


Evydense said...

As expected, this is a great fractal. I'm certainly not one to critique work by you, given the difference in abilities, but somehow that blue spot in the upper left caught my attention first, and drew it away from the rest. Strangely enough, it bothered me a bit! Go figger!

While I'm here, may I ask a question. I'm trying to get back at learning more about fractals and have been reading through the discussions at the FracForum you directed me to some time ago. Every now and then I;ll come across a post from someone who says they've tweaked something or other, and then there will be a long hexadecimal dump in their message. What's that all about? The hex stuff, I mean.

Linny said...

I had a 5 hour (each way) drive this weekend and I was ready to kill each and every car on the road.