Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Magen Fly

These ones look like they have wings! This is #4 in the greeting card series.

Magen Fly

The full size image can be seen at the preceding link.

Today's Gratitude Item: Seating plans. I set one up for one of my "challenging" classes and am hoping that it will be effective. Funny thing is, the students that generally work hard had no problem with "the plan". Those who are less keen on my math class looked distinctly unhappy.


Fractals are my life said...

Oh my gosh your fractal's take my breath away. I don't know what to say. When I found out you loved israeli dancing, one of my fav hobbies, i thought that we were parctically soulmates!

Oliviah said...

Oh this is fantabulous! I love the way it fades out on the sides and the effect is like two birds flying side by side. Really neat.

Evydense said...

This fractal invokes in me a sense of affinity with the North Anerican first nations people. They have various elaborate and spirtual headresses, leggings, and all sorts of other sacred and traditional artifacts. This puts my mind there with them. It's very special (do you have any objection if I "steal" it for my desktop? I'll understand totally if you'd rather I not).

As far as the seating arrangement goes...in Grade 9, we moved into a brand new high school where no one knew anyone, and the teachers had no reputation to precede them. My Algebra teacher (the greatest man who influenced me to follow a teaching career, even though neither of us realized it at the time) had the most brilliant way I have ever seen to deal with you problem. There were chalk boards on three sides of the classroom, with a pegboard on the fourth. Angled windows front and back by the pegboard let in light, but kept us from being distracted.

Anyway, he told us to sit wherever we wanted when we first went in. Or course the smarmy litle nose drips that were teacher's pet material (like myself!) sat right up at the front, and those with the tattoos, and probably a day pass from juvie hall slouched down immediately at the back. (I exaggerate...poetic licence!)

Once everyone was settled, Mr. Benoit picked up his notes and textbook, walked to the back of the classroom, told us all to pick up our desks and turn around facing the back of the room, and proceeded to teach the rest of the year that way...without letting anyone change the seating arrangement!

(Sorry for the length..a sign of hypomania, and I try to restrict it...sometimes not so successfully < smile! >