Thursday, October 12, 2006

Ellen Tile

This one was inspired, and is named after one of my students. She drew the design using a compass. I recreated the design using "Context Free" and then used Paint Shop Pro for the rest.

Ellen Tile

The large image can be viewed at the preceding link.

Today's Gratitude Item: Muscle memory. Very useful for when one decides to crochet after a "break" of several years. Turns out its like riding a bike, you never really forget.


Stargazer55 said...

Very very nice. Such soft, pretty colors, and the design as well. Just add a frame, and it's ready for hanging!

Oliviah said...

There is something about this one that just seems so sweet.

Anonymous said...

how do you make that?

Dzeni said...

As mentioned in the description, I used a program called Context Free Design Grammar which can be downloaded at the preceding link. Once I had the basic design (black and white) I used paint shop pro to put in the background. By setting the transparency of the layer with pattern on it to "soft light" rather than "normal", the transparent / tile effect was achieved.