Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Sunrise Classic

This uses the same params as "Ocean Classic" but combines two fractals with a "sky" background. The post processing (and there was lots of it) was done in PSP.

Today's Gratitude Item: Feeling whole again!! Israeli dance class is back and I had not realised how much I missed it. Dancing again was like finding a piece of myself that had been missing for a long time.

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Ocean Classic

A classic / old style Apo piece which worked out well. So well in fact that it became the starting point for a series of related works.

Today's Gratitude Item: The fact that the hottest days of summer seem to be behind us. Humidity is not my friend and I'm glad that today was cool and pleasant. Being able to breathe easily is a good thing.

Monday, February 26, 2007

Golden Egg

What would you give to see the goose that laid this one?

Today's Gratitude Item: Getting my very first photo accepted at Shutterstock. Previously, all my work up there has been computer generated and the photos that I submitted were rejected. All that remains is to see if said photo sells (its here if you want to see what it looks like).

Sunday, February 25, 2007

Opulent Dusk

Ironically, this one was made shortly after dusk on a Saturday night. Its a good way to start what will hopefully be a busy week.

Today's Gratitude Item: Spending the afternoon at Wenderholm Park. It was a friend's birthday so we had a picnic and then went for a walk on the track there. Best part was spotting an endangered Black Robin. We knew it was endangered because the thing had three "tags" on its legs, one pink, one orange and one gray. And there was a sign :) Really. It mentioned how this species was once thought to be extinct but was re-introduced to the park back in 1999. This particular specimen was not too bothered by humans and hopped right past us back into the bush. Only a Biology teacher could actually find this worth blogging about!

Saturday, February 24, 2007

Fire Storm / Digital Conflagration

This one was inspired by our current warm weather. Happily the heat / humidity does not last that long here, but when its hot, its HOT!

Today's Gratitude Item: The digital photography class that I went to was very helpful. We have another session next week which should be fun. The idea is to be able to take photos that are good enough to get accepted on SS.

Friday, February 23, 2007


This one required a fair bit of tweaking to get to this point.

Today's Gratitude Item: Getting an unexpected $38.00 (after tax). Its the holiday pay from when I did some work for my dad's office a few weeks ago. Its not serious money, but its quite a few SS downloads and was a very nice surprise :)

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Light Shofar / Cornucopia

This picture is very similar to "shofar". The interesting thing is that this one was made in Chaoscope, whereas "shofar" was created with Apophysis.

Today's Gratitude Item: Catching the bus in the nick of time! Missing said bus would have meant a 20 minute wait for the next one so am glad that I made it. Usually, I drive when subbing, but if the job is in the city, its easier *but not cheaper* to take public transport. Saves on parking hassles / time spent in traffic.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

DNA Replication - Chaoscope Style

DNA Replication is one of the most fascinating processes *sort of* known to man. I say *sort of* because there is so much involved that "we" do not fully understand the entire mechanism.

I love how when Scientists don't have a clue, they say "We don't fully understand this mechanism / process". It sounds much more sophisticated than "We don't know".

The graphic was created in Chaoscope and reminded me of DNA replicating (or what I imagine DNA replicating might look like). Background added afterwards in PSP.

Today's Gratitude Item: Three phone calls and five SS downloads. Said phone calls were all from different schools wanting to book my services on different days. Things are getting busy again and I'm really glad to be "in demand".

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Hot Stuff

Created on one of our warmest days yet! I think the heat was getting to me. The ice cream and cone were made in Apophysis, the cherry on top is a Chaoscope fractal.

Today's Gratitude Item: That Israeli dance class resumes in 8 days time! Got the email from our tutors today with the good news. We have not danced since way back in December and I have really missed it.

Monday, February 19, 2007

Fabric Fantasy

Dedicated to all those sewing enthusiasts out there. Don't you wish your pins were as funky as these ones!

Today's Gratitude Item: Fast food. My version involves microwaves some frozen veges and putting some cream cheese / dip stuff on top. It tastes really good and only takes four minutes.

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Metal Spring

Whilst this may look a bit like an Apophysis creation, it was actually made in Chaoscope!

Today's Gratitude Item: "Home made" pita. Lets just say that pita fresh from the oven with chocolate spread was a big hit at the library today. Yes, folks this is the kind of library where sometimes we cook (or to more precise, my friend's husband cooked and we all ate).

Saturday, February 17, 2007

Flourescent Ribbon

Made in Chaoscope, this one took quite a long time to produce and even longer to render. Background done in Paint Shop Pro (it took forever to get it "right").

Today's Gratitude Item: "The Zone". That's the place artists go when they create their best "stuff". I've been in there quite a bit recently :)

Friday, February 16, 2007

Gold Topiary

This one is a variation on a theme. Its not as ornate as the topiary that I used in my Tu B'Shvat graphic, but hopefully its more sophisticated.

Today's Gratitude Item: Getting a "non contact" last period today. It was a pleasant surprise. Spent the time in the school library covering books which is a lot easier than having to "teach" a restless "its last period on a Friday and we don't want to work" class.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Super Weave

This one is the result of a "what if" moment. The actual thought was, "What if I use the original weave as a background for a marble?".

I was quite pleased with the result. Post processing done in Paint hop Pro.

Today's Gratitude Item: "What if" moments. They can lead to some very interesting / fun results.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Marine Orb

I decided to do something a bit different with one of my Apophysis marbles. It did not take as long as one might think.

Today's Gratitude Item: Getting work for Friday! The start of the school year is always slow and its a relief to get back into it.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Heart Fire - Valentines Special

This one was created with the help of a rather cool spiral script, a final transform and a render time of over eight hours (on old computer) for a 2500 x 2500 render! I post processed the edges a bit to get rid of the pixelation.

Today's Gratitude Item: The fact that I am *very* single but not lonely on Valentines. Having "someone" would be wonderful. Not having "someone" is pretty darn good too!

Monday, February 12, 2007

Twighlight Star

I liked the colours of this one. Am getting frustrated by the fact that these are all starting to look "the same" to me.

Today's Gratitude Item: Finally being pointed in the right direction! I was hunting for a list of "Fallen" soldiers for a future Yom Hazikaron graphic but could only find stuff in Hebrew. I needed an English list. Soccer Dad responded to my SOS and gave me a really useful link! Thanks Soccer dad.

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Ice Compass

The name says it all.

Today's Gratitude Item: "My" 7 year old volunteer managed to duraseal her first books today. This is a major break through on several levels. First, putting duraseal on books is not that easy. I know a lot of adults who have difficulty in that department. Second, it now means that I don't need to think of ways to keep "my" volunteer busy, we both have our work cut out for us. Third, and this one is my favourites, it decreases the amount of work that I have to do. Finally, there are the "warm fuzzies" one gets when working successfully with children. I can't help it, we bonded - in a good way. Needless to say, this is all very exciting.

Saturday, February 10, 2007

Self Pouring Bowl

Its a chaoscope illusion that turned out better than expected. Background done after rendering in Paint Shop Pro>

Today's Gratitude Item: Being all booked for Dance camp which is later in the year. Camp is in Nelson and despite the fact that I have been living in New Zealand for 13 years now, I have not yet been to the South Island! That will change at the end of September when I go down to dance camp. Nelson is one of the sunniest places in the country and the hotels have an 80% occupancy rate off season, which explains why I have gotten organised so early this year.

Friday, February 09, 2007

Sunflower Plate

Solid Chaoscope render with PSP background. I really liked it at first, but now I'm not so sure. It seems a bit dull / flat / dead.

Today's Gratitude Item: A very productive week! Have spent most of it in front of my computer and now I'm done. I'm taking a *long* break and will be back after Shabbat.

Thursday, February 08, 2007

Foggy Red Ribbon

Its another marble, but this time there's fog involved. Its amazing how everything looks "cooler" when its foggy.

Today's Gratitude Item: That its the "second day back" and I have already been tentatively booked for a three week stint later in the term. It looks like things are going to be pretty busy this year.

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Cold Planet

Another "Apo" marble. Was feeling a bit "down" and making these tends to cheer me up. This is my fractal version of "junk food". Complete with guilt. Because thees are so easy to make, I feel guilty doing it. Its like cheating.

Today's Gratitude Item: Finally finishing a massive update of the community's Kosher Website. Boy am I glad that job is over. It took three *solid* days to do.

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Stone Flower

Another Chaoscope experiment. Background done in Paint shop pro, after rendering.

Today's Gratitude Item: A cool breeze on our morning walk. The key thing here, is the "cool" bit as in it was not too cold.

Monday, February 05, 2007

Waitangi Day 2007

Waitangi Day is tomorrow. To celebrate, I played fast and loose with the Maori flag. This was inspired by a news article that featured prominently in news broadcasts earlier in the week.

Today's Gratitude Item: Garlic. Its a wonderful spice, as long as its the fresh stuff and not the bottled version. This is not the reason I'm still single though - I have not had garlic for ages so my lack of a man has nothing to do with "the pungent rose". Just wanted to be clear on that!

Mystery Gift

Flickr was "down" last night for scheduled maintenance. Hence this rather late post. I will post today's graphic tonight. I would like to say a "huge" thanks to all of you who took the time to comment on my last piece. It was really lovely to hear from you all :)

The package is pretty nice, but I wonder what is inside? Made with Chaoscope (background done in PSP).

Yesterdays Gratitude Item: That mosquitoes find my friend tastier than me. Often, I will be the one to get "sucked dry" whilst my friends escape unscathed. Yesterday, my poor friend got eaten alive whilst I was only bitten once. This is called being thankful for small mercies.

Saturday, February 03, 2007

Light Fountain

This one reminded me of a smooth water fountain thing (bird's eye view). Made in Chaoscope.

Today's Gratitude Item: Getting my very first Shutterstock Payout!! Am holding thumbs that I have set up my pay pal / bank account details correctly. I'll know in "5 - 7 working days". Finally seeing actual money from SS is very very exciting. Its not a huge amount, but its a big "buzz" to get something for what is essentially a very enjoyable hobby.

Friday, February 02, 2007

Tu B'Shvat 5767

Tu B'Shvat is the Jewish New Year for trees. This graphic incorporates a number of different features including an Apophysis fractal and several Chaoscope creations. It was put together in PSP. The bible often refers to trees and plants, so I chose a few verses that appealed to me.

You can access the large version of this graphic by clicking on the image above. Images that are related to Jewish Holidays live at the preceding link where you can browse by holiday and download the image in high resolution (for printing etc).

The image above can be reproduced, distributed, printed out and enjoyed without any restrictions. If you wish to be notified of other "Chag Graphics" as they become available, please email me and I'll add you to my list.

Today's Gratitude Item: Photosynthesis. What more does one need to say?

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Glass Bowl

Made in Chaoscope, am really pleased with the way it turned out. Inspired by this piece created by Stinging Eyes.

Today's Gratitude Item: Hands that smell of cinnamon. The hands in question are mine and the reason they smell of cinnamon is that mum and I are in the process of making cinnamon buns. Hopefully they will taste good.