Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Heart Fire - Valentines Special

This one was created with the help of a rather cool spiral script, a final transform and a render time of over eight hours (on old computer) for a 2500 x 2500 render! I post processed the edges a bit to get rid of the pixelation.

Heart Fire

The large version is at the preceding link.

Today's Gratitude Item: The fact that I am *very* single but not lonely on Valentines. Having "someone" would be wonderful. Not having "someone" is pretty darn good too!


Sunny Delight said...

Happy Valentine's Day!

I visit here on occasion to admire, and lose myself in your fractal art.

I usually just lurk. :-)

I also love your Gratitude Items.

Intergalactic Stacey said...

I'm a day late and a dollar short, but Happy Valentine's Day anyway! Lovely fractal, too. :)

Deborah said...

Oh wow, these is another awesome render !!