Saturday, April 26, 2008

Kinetic Flow

This is the final image in my "dance" series. Its sad, but all good things come to an end.

Kinetic Flow

The wallpaper version is at the preceding link.

Today's Gratitude Item: New recipes. We tried something new for dinner and it worked perfectly. Sometimes it is possible to get creative in the kitchen :)

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runnerfrog said...

It's a shame indeed that this series comes to an end; in the other hand I think I saw you reaching a peak of creativity plus expression of your own interests through your art, and that always make the artist to evolve and improves its future works, at the same time it is everyday harder to keep up with originality... then it happens that the art creation becomes -as life- a daily struggle, so then is right when a person becomes a real artist.
So that have may happened before or right now, but in any case: congrats, and keep up the good work.
In my honest opinion, with based reasons, I think this is the best of the series.