Sunday, August 17, 2008

Wind Surfing (in Style)

This is a sport that I have no inclination to try. It looks hard and I don't like getting wet! Its probably fun once you get the hang of it though.

Windsurfing (in style)

The wallpaper version is at the preceding link.

Today's Gratitude Item: The local $2.00 shop. I needed a "Barbie" type doll for am upcoming lesson on ratio / proportion / scale factors. Managed to get one for $2.00 rather than $20.00 or $30.00. I'm hoping my students will be able to bring in their own / their siblings toys, but needed to have one "just in case". I got a guy action figure while I was there. Should be an interesting / fun lesson.


Deb said...

It probably is fun, but I'm with you, don't like the getting wet part ;)

runnerfrog said...

It is a very well finished concept, the windsurfer is perfectly positioned in a place where the fractal looks windy and the red zone like the sun. Lovely result.