Saturday, January 10, 2009

Mowing the Lawn

Throw in a cool fractal and even the most tedious of chores becomes a joy.

Mowing the Lawn

The wallpaper version can be downloaded at the preceding link.

Today's Gratitude Item: Four out of the ten texture photos I submitted were accepted on Shutterstock. My acceptance rate for fractals / illustrations is *much* higher (rejections for those are rare) but my photos are invariably rejected for various reasons, so actually getting something "through" is quite exciting. Lets hope they sell.


tina said...

My husband hates mowing the lawn and after many arguments I decided to take over the bi-weekly task but then the hover mower died. It was only about 2 years old and we were disappointed it had given up the ghost already. I decided to look online for a replacement and found several really good websites including Mow Direct. After working out what we could afford to spend, we decided to buy a rotary lawn mower. Lets just hope we get more than 2 years out of this one!

Dzeni said...

Thanks for your comment. It might make you smile but my mom usually mows the lawn instead of my dad as she does pretty much all the gardening (whilst he goes out to work). Hope that your new mower lasts longer than the one that died.