Thursday, October 15, 2009

Stylish Soccer

Yet another wallpaper celebrating the "Beautiful Game".

This blog will be on a break for a few days - I'll be busy with dance camp, which is just as well given my gratitude item below!

Stylish Soccer

The wallpaper version is available at the preceding link.

Today's Gratitude Item: Free chocolate :) For my birthday, I was given a box of Lindt, Excellence Assortment. Said assortment was meant to contain 25 individually wrapped pieces of chocolate with 5 different flavours. The actual assortment only had 23 pieces of chocolate and was missing the "85% cocoa" flavour all together. So I complained! In fact, I complained both the Lindt who made the chocolate and to K-mart who sold it. K-mart were amazing and very quickly got back to me and arranged for replacement product. I was not expecting them to do anything and only informed them so that they would know what had happened (when I complained, I told them I'd contacted Lindt directly). After all, they could not know that the sealed packed of Lindt chocolate they sold was 2 pieces short. Anyhow, K-Mart did not have any of the Lindt Excellence assortment left, so "Mike", the customer services guy let me choose any chocolate I wanted! Talk about heaven. I went for the Guylian Opus collection and was not disappointed. These chocolates are really lovely and I'm super impressed with K-mart's customer service. I have yet to hear back from Lindt - which is a pity because their chocolate is really good (assuming of course that they give you the 25 pieces advertised on the packet).

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Lindsey said...

A girl cannot live without chocolate! Hope you had a good birthday.