Thursday, June 17, 2010


I think this one will make a nice wallpaper - its not too demanding and the quotation is a nice reminder to reign in our worst instincts.

Today's Gratitude Item: Unexpected hot chocolate! We are in the midst of writing reports at school and this is a stressful time for everyone. Our ninth grade Dean (the person in charge of all the 9th grade students), organised hot coffee / chocolate for all the ninth grade tutors. She then looked up where we were and personally delivered it. Not only was the hot chocolate really tasty - it delivered some welcome warmth on a cold day. This was an extremely kind, unexpected gesture, especially as the Dean somehow knew what we all liked without having to ask us. The other Deans at school are excellent, but no one has ever done this before and it makes a huge difference. Guess whose tutor group comments are all done and waiting for proof reading?? Who knew that hot beverages could be such a powerful motivator!

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