Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Fooling Around

This cold be a funky button on a not so traditional joker / harlequin costume - hence the name.

I have darkened the image below on flickr as a symbolic protest against the pending legislation of two U.S. piracy bills. I'm not against piracy, but the bills in their current form could have an impact far beyond that which is intended.

Today's Gratitude Item: Successfully making a miniature bag to hold the power cable for my K1 Ideapad. Tomorrow's mission is to make a full sized bag (more like a sleeve) for the K1. I could spend between $40 and $70 buying a bag but making one which is individual from sort of recycled fabric was more appealing. Needless to say the 'big' bag will be sufficiently padded to protect the Ideapad from any accidental knocks.

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