Monday, October 01, 2012

Ground Rules

This post has been a long time coming but it seemed like a good idea to post something official about the status of my images / copyright. It turns out that my work has turned up in a number of places - some of it without my knowledge / consent. So this is where I remind visitors that all images on this blog are COPYRIGHTED. That means you can't post them to your blog / photobucket / website without incurring my wrath (unless of course we've had some sort of conversation).

You ABSOLUTELY cannot edit / change my images and then put them on your blog / glog / or YouTube video. That's not what they are for.

The wallpapers that appear almost everyday are for personal use only. So if you like what you see and want it for your background - go for it. A comment / note back that you are using said wallpaper would be appreciated (but is not absolutely necessary).
The only exception to this is my "Chag Images" which are meant to be used as needed by the wider Jewish Community and those are not copyrighted. You can learn more at the preceding link

If you are a fellow blogger and you want to put my stuff on your blog, please ask me nicely and I'll tell you how to attribute / acknowledge the source. Rest assured that if you are a non-profit entity, then most of the time, I'm happy to share but attribution is not optional.

If you are a commercial enterprise and want to use my work, I have great news. It's all for sale! You can either deal direct or you can grab it off Shutterstock. Needless to say I'd appreciate the support. The "Starving" in "Starving Artist" simply does not hold that much appeal.

If you are looking for images that you can use without infringing copyright / stepping on anyone's toes, you might find the video below useful. It was made, in part for my students but I'm hoping that it appeals to a wider audience.

I'm done "ranting" and my customary fractal / Gratitude Item will be back tomorrow.


Beseder said...

Hi Nzdzeni,

It gives a whole new meaning to "Thou shalt not steal."

The gifting G-d gave you is amazing and beautiful! :)

You might want to suggest a source such as for people to use as a model for attributing credit for photos they use. That site has been a big help to me. :)

Thank you again for your lovely work and for letting others enjoy it, ask for permission, and share it. I'm excited it is for sale, too! :)


puremoment said...

I Really like your artwork. But I equally like your attitude towards people using your work. I am in the process of developing my website ( which is dedicated to the true nature of the mind. If I need to demonstrate a point through an image, I would love to contact you and ask for your images.
Best of luck.
Shafiq Jasar

Dzeni said...

Thanks for the kind words Jasar. I can be contacted on