Monday, June 14, 2004

The Great Shoe Saga

The Great Shoe Saga started when my darling dad pointed out the fact that my current set of black leather, ankle length, zip up, low heel boots were wearing out. What he actually said ran something along the lines of, "Don't bother to bring those shoes back from your overseas trip as they are buggered*".

"buggered" means broken / munted / stuffed in NZ and is not considered to be a swear word, especially after one rather popular Toyota commercial

So, the challenge was to find new black leather, ankle length, zip up low heel boots to replace the pair that was "buggered". I looked in Florida, I looked in Dallas, even visited Nordstrom to no avail.

The only kind of shoes that I could find in black leather (with a zip) featured, you guessed it suicidal heels. Am not kidding here. Wearing heels that high is dicing with death.

So after months (literally) of fruitless searching, bowed to the inevitable and got my "buggered" shoes reheeled and resoled (cost NZ$40.00). They should be fine for at least another 18 months. By which time I hope that the fashion for "suicidal heels" will have died a natural (or unnatural) death.

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