Thursday, August 26, 2004

Google Olympics

Not sure if you have noticed but everyday during this Olympics, Google have changed their logo.

They have done a great job. Below are their efforts over the two weeks.

Opening Ceremony Day 2
Day 3 Day 4
Day 5 Day 6
Day 7 Day 8
Day 9 Day 10
Day 11 Day 12
Day 13 The End

For more google logo's, take a look at the links below

Sunday, August 15, 2004

Frappé Fantastic

Last night my search for the perfect frappé continued. My friend and I visited Gloria Jeans Coffees in Queen Street and sampled their wares.

My previous frappé experiences chronicled in the Frappuccino Fix entry of this blog.

The Gloria Jeans Coffee experience was by far the best to date. The staff were friendly and efficient and the guy who served us had a great sense of humour as well. I ordered a Coco Loco Mocha (basically a Mocha frappé) and it tasted great.

The server put both chocolate sprinkles and chocolate powder on the top. Perceptive guy that he was, he figured out that I like my chocolate. He offered to put caramel syrup on there as well, but I though that would be overkill. Could tell he was laughing at me but I didn't mind. The texture was good except of a few crunchy anomalies (but hey, nothing is perfect).

The small frappé cost $4.30 which was the best price to date. Below are the things that made this coffee experience one that I would like to repeat again some time.

  • The staff were friendly / fast and had a sense of humour (thanks James)
  • The coffee tasted way better than Starbucks. Still nice and sweet but somehow the flavour was much better
  • Their slogan "Escape the daily grind" made me smile (its either clever or corny depending on your mood)
  • All the implements you need to enjoy a frappé are there for the taking on the side of the counter, this includes spoons, straws and lids* (if you want one).

*I hate having a lid on my frappé. Starbucks always insist on putting a lid on (they have to for some reason). The thing is, if you put a lid on a frappé and you also have chocolate syrup on there, then the syrup tends to end up on the lid which is messy / wasteful / a crying shame.

Monday, August 09, 2004


I am really frustrated at the moment. Besides the problem of not having much to blog about, I am stiff and sore! Played basketball yesterday (which was fun) and danced "hard out" last night (also fun).

The good thing about basketball was that they let me play with the kids instead of the adults. This is good cause all the "adult" players were huge hulking men and if I had tried to play with them, I would have been squashed. The other good thing about playing with the kids is that for the first time ever, I had a fighting chance as I was not the shortest in the group (you can stop laughing now).

The bad thing about basketball is "the day after". That is the one where all your muscles complain. Loudly. Not fun :(

The good thing about dance class last night was that a *relatively* large number of people showed up.

The bad thing was that we arrived at the end of a disco / fundraiser which meant that part of the time we were dancing to the accompaniment of the vacuum cleaner as the organisers cleaned up after the disco. The vacuum was so loud that we cold barely hear the music, even turned all the way up (deep sigh).

The other bad thing was that there were quite a large number of "newbies" to dance group and I think they got freaked out cause all the dances are new to them and it is a lot to take in.

My biggest frustration right now is waiting for someone to email me resources promised last Thursday which have not yet arrived (its Monday night now). I need these to do my job effectively. My boss (who is great) has told me to wait until Wednesday and then try asking again. I promised him I would be polite.

Note: The madder Dzeni is, the more polite she appears. When she is very, very polite, you better look out cause she is livid*!!

*Livid is (polite) Dzeni speak for "Pissed / Mad as Hell"

Monday, August 02, 2004

Creative Exits

We have a great language. There are so many ways to say "lets leave" that the mind boggles. So instead of saying "time to go", which lacks a certain amount of creative flair, here are some alternatives.

A much longer list is of course available. Some of the one liners there are not fit for civilised company though. I never did claim to be original.

  • Make like Donald and duck
  • Make like a tree and leaf
  • Make like a road and fork off
  • Make like a banana and split
  • Make like a missile and cruise
  • Make like a drum and beat it
  • Make like stockings and run
  • Make like lightning and bolt
  • Make like a plane and take off
  • Hotel Alpha