Thursday, July 14, 2005

Not so Basic Barnacle

My car went in for a service, cambelt replacement and WOF (Warrant of Fitness). $426 later and it is ready to roll. Ouch! With the price of petrol at record levels and the amount I just had to fork out to keep going, it is almost not worth it.

Its holiday time and have already completed the 1000 piece puzzle I bought yesterday. Am bored, frustrated and wondering what to do next.

The fractal above features one of my "homemade" gradients. Discovered that saving them in .gif format instead of .jpg format seems to keep the bright colours. If you squint and use your imagination, it looks almost three dimensional.


Pasach said...

It looks like a fire works display.

Time to buy another puzzle. You might want to try a 5000 piece puzzle this time.:)

Tracy said...

Very cool. In terms of "colours" (or colors, as I like to say) can you convert the color profile in the image? I'm not exactly sure what program you use, but with my photos, I always convert the embedded profile to sRGB, which attempts to retain the colors, and makes them web compatible.