Saturday, August 25, 2007

Curtin Call

This one is pushing the limits a bit, but it makes for "interesting" wallpaper. Hopefully there' s enough black space to fit in all the necessary icons.

Today's Gratitude Item: That its the weekend and I did not have to work today! I've got a touch of a cold which means my brain is not working properly :) Hopefully this will pass sooner rather than later (aka: I want my brain back!).


runnerfrog said...

Finally Golden Guy is back! I was missing him. About your gratitude item: I want my brain back permanently; I have a perpetual cold. :-)

TotalChaos said...

Well done, Dzeni. I really like this with the gold guy. :} I have so many icons, they fill 2/3 of my screen.

Dzeni said...

Glad you like him. I could not cope with that many icons! I have relatively few, all placed in precise positions on my screen. I have sections for my fractal programs, my graphics programs and then my internet related stuff. My 3D programs had their own little area but now I mainly use Blender so the other icons are sitting in my "unused icons" folder.