Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Event Horizon

Was inspired to play with that "3D Hack" a while ago. Playing is good :)

Today's Gratitude Item: Solving my very first, *very hard* Sudoku puzzle. Turns out that once you have the strategies, its quite doable. Sometimes takes a while to "see" the solution thought.

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Bobbie Sandlin said...

Very BEAUTIFUL! I LOVE how touchable towards the front of this piece seems! You have really got the 3d'ism down :)

I LOVE Sudoku!! I'm playing it off and on, on my Nintendo DS, in a game called "Brain Age". It started with sheer boredom one night, and I'm absolutely hooked! I've got over half the puzzles beat now, and my husband has promised me a new game that has thousands of puzzles in it! Bwahahahaha LOL Hope you had a festive holiday season. ((hugs))