Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Star Speech

The word cloud is the result of putting Elie Wiesel's Millennium speech into tagxedo. The nice thing about tagxedo is that it is currently free and it allows users to put in a black and white shape for their clouds. This one is best viewed in the largest possible size so that all the words in the cloud are visible.

Today's Gratitude Item: Getting a replacement laptop bag / backpack. My original backpack disappeared yesterday (with two of my memory sticks inside). I know where I left it and despite my best efforts to recover it, it may be gone forever. Happily, ICT had a spare backpack although its a lot more worn (ie: ugly) than the one that got swiped. Having said that, a "pre-loved" (ie: still ugly) backpack is better than no back pack at all, although I may switch it out for a more individualised (and harder to steal) version. If only I could get those memory sticks back... They did not have anything crucial on them but they were extremely useful and one of them was a bangle type memory stick (lime green) which was very cool. I miss it already :(

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